For the Life of the World – Pittsburgh

For the Life of the World (FLOW) is at Pittsburgh! Churches, universities and seminaries in the region are showing the complete FLOW series. What is our Salvation for? Seven episodes, one new perspective! Join the movement!

Hear about the FLOW series from Paul Edwards on Radio Free Acton by clicking here.


For the Life of the World (FLOW) is a 2-hour film series explores the majesty and wonder of God’s economy of all things. You’ll rediscover the impact of his gracious gifts on our lives and in our families, for our work and in our governments, in our education—in all our endeavors.

If you’ve been wondering how we are called to live faithfully in a broken world, if you’ve ever wondered what your salvation is really all about, if you’re looking for ways to breathe new life into your family, your church, and your community, these films are for you.

This project is a joint venture between PLF and Acton to catalyze movement in our region to help churches and groups develop a more robust integration of vocation, economics, culture and faith. Acton has invited PLF  to pilot a project that can be replicated in other cities as the Series is rolled out nationwide. We are hoping for 25 churches, universities and seminaries to join this pilot project and be part of a learning community that not only impacts Pittsburgh but can be shared with other communities as well.